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Discreet yet stylish, the TABORET offers a way to store your assorted odds and ends out of the way but still within reach. The fully upholstered cylinder features a removable top that opens up to a finished interior perfect for storage. With the removable top that also functions as a cushion for a seat, the TABORET is as functional as it is stylish!
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Cranberry 2T Golden Leaves Cherry San Remo
Cranberry 2T(Two-Tone)
Regular Retail: $84.99
Golden Leaves
Regular Retail: $89.99
San Remo
Regular Retail: $89.99
Vanessa Royal Spotlight
Regular Retail: $89.99
Regular Retail: $89.99
Regular Retail: $89.99
Van-2T Royal 2T(Two-Tone) Nadou White
Vanessa 2T (Two-Tone)
Regular Retail: $99.99
Royal 2T(Two-Tone)
Regular Retail: $99.99
Regular Retail: $109.99
Our unique handmade TABORETs will compliment any style you have. Choose one of our many personal touch.